I just hate being sick!

I've been trying to design a new website once again, but my head is completely empty. At least I'm living at home again, living my own life.. Not been doing very much lately, nothing ever happens here, and I'm bored. Have been talking to my friends, Egil and Linda, a lot - and I'm really happy that I have them in my life. And I'm sick again. Sick with a severe cold, or something. I've not been having a fever yet, so I'm hoping it won't turn into a pneumonia again! I've been struggling with this shit for about three weeks now, and I'm really getting sick and tired of it.

I just finished watching the movie "Ripper - the letter from hell". It was actually one of the better horror movies I've seen in a long time.

"He looked at her. All she wanted was for him to kiss her. She longed for his lips to meet hers, and she suddenly became aware that she was staring at him. They were friends, the best friends, which made her wish she hadn't felt this way about him. She had feelings for him, and she hated to admit that to herself... She was falling in love with him, treading on dangerous grounds. He had a girlfriend, whom he loved very much, she knew that. And, knowing how it felt to be betrayed, she didn't want to hurt either him or his girlfriend, by becoming "the other one". Her feelings for him were too strong, she couldn't do that to anyone! Biting her lip, she turned away, slightly blushing. She wanted him so bad, ut there was nothing she could do about it, but wait..."

Posted by Shamini on September 10, 2003 – 5:18 PM

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