Bored again

This is patethic. It's Saturday night, and I've got nothing better to do, than write in my diary. Hell, I know - I'll see if Sander is on IRC! *brb* ... No Sander to be found. Oh well, I'll try to focus on my diary then. Was over at Else's again - cuddling my kitten. Tomorrow a girl is coming to pick up a chinchilla, Balrog, as I finally found him a home! I hope he'll have a good home at Silje-Mari's house, and that she'll keep him forever. I also ran out of food for them, and ordered three new sacks last week - they were sent last Tuesday, and believe it or not, it didn't arrive today! They've been at Fauske for two whole days, leaving my chinchillas without food until Monday. It's a crime, and now I'll have to feed them on Alfalfa only - I suppose it'll be fine, but it's irritating as hell!

I just watched "Van the Man". GREAT movie! Smile I tried watching "Rollerball", but in the end, the movie was "broken" - so no ending for me (I hate it when that happens!)

Posted by Shamini on August 23, 2003 – 11:12 PM

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