Chinchilla rantings

Now I'm sitting at Lund, doing nothing. I'll be going home soon, to take care of my animals, and try to get some work done too. I've got a whole heap of pedigrees that should be written! Oh, I wish I would get some money soon too - I'm drowning in bills, and I hope I'll get money in time to prevent Telenor from closing my Internet-connection... oh well, time will show. And on the top of everything, I got a new bill on my morgage, that's supposed to be paid within the 1st of September, and that was the "small amount" of 13.000,- NOK! I need to come up with a good solution to make some money soon, I need a small income in addition to what I get now - so I can afford those damn bills, and then some.

I've been planning a lot lately, and I've decided to keep 25 breeding cages for my chinchillas. This means that I can keep roughy 50 animals, a pair in each cage. I'll be keeping a trio in some of the cages, with the possibility to remove one of the females upon birth. Luckily I have a lot of supporting friends, that helps me with getting new, good animals. Linda Olsen has given me the opportunity to increase the standard on my animals, and Linda Blomqvist is supplying me with beautiful, good-tempered animals like Solhäll's Triton and Goliat. Rebecka Wolden has also sold me a Solid Violet male, whom I've decided to call Tellus Tristan , since I'm a great fan of "Sagaen om Isfolket". I think there's no more than 5 Solid Violets in Norway yet, so I'm very lucky to have been offered one! My plan with him, is to breed him to a Ebony Violet-carrier, whenever Moria gives birth, to make my own line of Solid Violet in the future. Apart from this I've decided to get an Ebony couple from Jon Kårby in Sweden - Kårby's Calypso and Kårby's Kahlúa. Thanks to Linda B., I've been able to get two more Tans from Anna-Karin Hagel in Sweden - Tummeliten's Legolas and Tummeliten's Lilllan , these are siblings and will not be mated to eachother. And I've talked to Anne Storebø, and I'm getting some cheap, grown breeders from her, and 4 babies in the colours Tan, Black Ebony and Violet. These have no names yet, but it'll come shortly.

Posted by Shamini on August 17, 2003 – 1:55 PM

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