Living with Christian

Now it's been some time since I wrote in this diary again. Well, a lot of things has happened, and I haven't had the time!

Christian has moved here, and he's been working like a tornado ever since he arrived. He's been here for two weeks today, and he's done a million things or more. He's fixed my car, cleaned the garage, mowed the lawn, painted the flagpole.. and a million other things as well. Today he is outside, painting the house, and finally it's becoming red. A few days ago, we drove to Bodø to look at a sofa - and guess what? We ended up buying this beautiful black leather sofa, and it'll arrive here today. I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post later. Also we bought a wooden table to go with the sofa - and Christian has rearranged the whole livingroom too. Now it's looking really good - he's got a great sense of decorating.

The picture on the right is a picture of a Brown Velvet baby. He was born on June 30th, and he's from Santiago's Chinchilla. He hasn't got a name yet, but it'll come as soon as we have found a good one. We've agreed with Rita Fjermerås that this wonderful male is to move here in September.

Posted by Shamini on July 8, 2003 – 3:02 PM

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