Chinchilla Exhibition, Sarpsborg 2003?

Now I've finally decided on which Chinchilla Exhibition to attend, I'm going to Sarpsborg. I've got many reasons for choosing this one over the annual Fall Exhibition, and one of them are the weather. We have to drive over three mountains in October, and that's risky in that part of year. The snow might have come, and it might even be icy on the road. If we are really unfortunate, we'll be stuck up on one of the mountains, as they use to close the road if the weather is bad. I'll go with Christian, and I'm sure my mom would love to go to - at least she wanted to, after the last exhibition, in March.

I haven't started thinking about which animals to show, but I guess I'll bring the ones that lack 1 gold ribbon to become Champions. I'd like to show some of my own animals too, from Silver Streak Chinchilla, but I don't have a clue to whom I should bring. Milovon is a little heartbreaker, and I love him a lot - so it would have been fun to let him try. Still, he's just a baby, and he'll be shown as a youth - leaving him no points. I'm also going to collect some animals I've bought, and sell some of my own kits. So I'm pretty anxious to see how it'll go. Since I'm sure most of my females will be breeding in the end of August, I'll try to bring mostly males. Pablito, Olvon and Grendel are three of the males I've shown twice, and I hope they'll become Champions this time. Grendel (to the right) has actuallly been shown three times, but the last time he didn't get more than 77 points, and that's only a silver ribbon - this was because I failed on the fur, and all my animals got horrible scores. I'll have my revenge in Sarpsborg, and I hope I'll get higher scores this time! It's a little comforting that most of the large breeders didn't believe that they were my animals, since I did so well the last two times.. oh well, "shit happens".

I've talked to Christian tonight, and he's on his way here. I can hardly wait another two days - it's horrible! Going to Bodø Tuesday with Else, to pick him up - and now I'm counting the seconds until I see his beautiful blue eyes again, and hear his sweet voice. I miss him so much! Counting the seconds.. every second! Hope to talk to him again tomorrow - miss his voice - miss him! I'm sure he'll call me, and then - just another night, and I'll be back in his arms again!

Posted by Shamini on June 22, 2003 – 7:04 PM

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