In love with “Jinx”

Benjamin arrived two days ago - and he was the one who brought the new chinchillas with him. He saved me a lot of money, by doing that for me! It's great to have him here, I don't have visitors that often. It's boring to be alone, so I really enjoy having him here. He even fixed my computer, and I'm forever grateful. Now the temperature has dropped from 76 degrees, to 50 degrees on the CPU - and now the cabinet is closed too. SUPERB!

Oh, now I've been cuddling with the little kitten too! It's a female, and she's ALMOST all-black. She's got a tiny little white medallion under her chin, and she's so intensly beautiful! The medallion is so small, that I expect that it'll disappear as she grows larger. It's just a few hairs - but it's so cute! I've decided to call her Jinx , if she's to move in with me. I haven't decided yet, as I already have two cats, but I've talked to another experienced "cat lady", and she said it wouldn't be a problem at all. We'll still just have to wait and see. I might be able to get some pictures too soon! I promise you, you'll melt like me.

Now it's been two days since the new animals from Linda arrived. I had some small problems with telling two of the Standard females apart, but I finally found which one was Sara and which one was Maxi! Both were big, beautiful females, but Maxi has a very pretty face, while Saras nose is a little longer. I finally told them apart, and now everything's OK! I weighed them too, and Maxi is about 200 grams lighter than she's supposed to be, while Sara has her 'normal' weight. Fahita is the smallest of them, but I think she's got a lot to go... so we'll see what happens in the future. White Magic is most certainly the most beautiful chinchilla I've ever seen! His eyes are light red, and his fur colour is creamy! He's quite big too, but he doesn't weigh that much still - I think he's in a poor shape, so he'll become even bigger when he's settled in here with me. At last, there's Nenna. She's beautiful to look at, but she's bouncy and scared. I don't think she's been handled much, so I've got something to work with, with her. Her body shape is wonderful, but I thought she was somewhat darker than she really was. Anyway - I'm more than pleased with all the animals - and I decided today that White Magic will be mated to Raven, when he's had time to settle down here.

Posted by Shamini on June 16, 2003 – 5:17 PM

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