Friday 13th

Look, it's Friday 13th today - and guess what? Well, I've had an absolutely terrific day! I've just talked to Christian, and he's begun packing his things - or at least planning it. Only 13 more days to go, and the time is still snailing its way forward... He makes me smile and laugh a lot - today we talked about 'the good ol' days', when we were only good friends. Those days when we had feelings for eachother, without the other one knowing anything... those days when everything about our existing relationships irritated us! Those days when we believed that it would never be us two - that the other one didn't want the same... Hell! We were both wrong, and we both threw away 3 good years... on relationships that didn't give us much more than frustration, pain and the feeling of being at the wrong place, with the wrong person. Destiny is certainly out there - and finally its decided that we've had enough pain. I'm feeling, for the first time in a very long time, that my life is on the right track - taking me into a world of happiness, and contentment. And it feels great!

Apart from my usual ranting about my life, I've talked to Linda Olsen again - who confirmed that my animals are on their way up. Benjamin is coming to visit me, and he was kind enough to bring my chinchillas too. I can't thank him enough! It saved me a lot of money and trouble, that we could avoid sending them by airplane, and it's so much better for the animals too. Now I know they're safe, not forgotten in some cold, draughty airport - without anyone paying any attention to them. Linda also told me that she had changed her mind about Icosta, and that I could have him - as we first decided. I was thrilled! My ordered cages also appeared in the mail, so everything's ready for the new addition to this family.

I also spoke to Linda, in Stockholm (on of my very best friends on the Internet!) - and she can always make me smile. I just love her, and I'm so very happy that she e-mailed me that time, wanting my dearest Emira. Well, Linda never got Emira, but she bought Felize instead, and we've now arranged for her to get some more animals from me. I know Ranky, and Miluna will both have great lives in Lindas care, so I've got no problems sending them to her. (Thank you Linda, for taking care of my sweeties!) In the upcoming fall, I'm actually taking a beautiful Ebony male named Triton, from her - as she has problems with space. I've promised her that she can have him back, whenever she wants him, because I know how much it hurts her to give him up. I also know that I can have my animals back, if I want them - and if she needs to sell them, they'll be back home, with me. And that's very comforting to know! So, I might be getting another cat too! I'm not quite sure if its a male or a female yet, as it was born today - but I figure it's some kind of a sign. It's the last kit, in a litter of 7 kits - and the only one that's all-black, among 5 White and 1 Tabby. Born under the full moon - on Friday 13th. As a witch, with self-respect, I need a black cat - and I think this one is my familiar. We'll just see...................

Posted by Shamini on June 13, 2003 – 11:34 PM

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