In pain!

Today I finally managed to upload the complete new webpage, and I even fixed some errors. My hip is totally killing me, but I try to think about something else... I wish Christian had been here yet, he might have taken my mind off the terrible pain. I just logged off MSN, where I've been talking to him all day - I know it'll be big bill, when it arrives, but I don't really care. I miss him - and I need my daily dose of chatting with him. June 27th is approaching, but it's snailing its way towards me... I wish time would pass just a little faster! Have been talking with Christian about the upcoming chinchilla exhibition, and he's going with me! It's just so great to finally have someone that LIKES spending time with me, doing the things I like to do too.

(I'm not going to talk down on HÃ¥kon about that, but in the end things were horrible... I felt like I was nothing but a heavy load on him - and that's not the way it's supposed to be! We had good times too, I'm not going to hide that fact - but it shouldn't have been necessary to do it the way it was done. I could have respected a clean break up, but he chose to go behind my back... and that have permanently destroyed my picture of him. Still, it's easy to look back, thinking about what I should have done, and didn't do - I'm happy now, and I shouldn't dwell on the bad things in the past... Let's just leave it like that.)

I've also looked into digital cameras, and I've found the camera I want to invest in. I'm taking a lot of pictures of my animals, and I should be taking pictures when we're out travelling - but the very expensive camera we bought some years ago, is really too slow, and heavy to use. It was a good camera when it was new, and it still is, but since then there's appeared a lot of new and better models! I need to look into my funds, and see if I've got 3500,- NOK to spend on a new camera now. Christian and I have talked about it, and decided that it would be a good investment anyway. We'll see.

I've updated Silver Streak Chinchilla with some pictures. Other than this, nothing much is happening. All babies are doing fine!

Posted by Shamini on June 11, 2003 – 9:20 PM

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