Another chinchilla

I'm just sitting here, listening to 3 Doors Down with their "Be Like That". I talked with Tom-Anton yesterday - long time since we spoke last, and it was good to hear from him again. He talked about coming over here, with his girlfriend, and I hope he meant it. I don't know her very well, we haven't met more than twice, so that would be cool. I miss him a lot, we used to be together all the time, and saw eachother almost every day... but not anymore.

OK! Now my mind went blank, and I forgot what I was about to write... man, I need to get my hair dyed back to my natural hair colour again! It's not good to be fake blonde, I'm gonna get a permanent brain damage from this! Wink (This is an official appologize to all my blonde friends, especially you Linda! Wink I love you - you know that! *snicker*)

Anyway, I've finished my new design, and now I'm just waiting for the server to function again! I just hate it when the server goes down, especially during the weekends! I'm content with my new design, and those of you that have seen the "beta version" has said that it looked better than my existing website. I've chosen to trust you on that, and make the design official - whenever the server's back up. The webpage remains black and blue, and these are my favourite colours, and it might look a bit similar to my old website - just with a little cooler look. Feel free to leave comments in my guestbook, or via e-mail.

Spoke to Linda again, and she's changed her mind about Iglsø's Icosta. Actually that's quite fine with me, since she's promised that he's mine whenever she decides to sell him after all. Embla's Nenna is still moving here, and will arrive together with 4 other animals next Saturday! These are: Tågarp's Sara, Tågarp's Fahita, Embla's White Magic and Lundängen's Maxi - a great new addition to our herd! I'm really looking forward to seeing them, as I've owned them for some time now. Oh - and little Silver Streak's Moradhin was born on the 5th of June! Smile He's the newest addition to our chinchilla family, and he weighed 50 grams. I'm not sure of the colour yet, but he's either Standard Gray or Black Velvet - and naturally he's for sale! Please contact us, if you're interested.

Posted by Shamini on June 7, 2003 – 5:58 PM

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