Still nothing exciting, really

As you can see, I've once again re-arranged the design of my website. I know, I know - you just wish I'd be content with one design, and leave it with that? Heck, then you don't know me very well now, do you? I like this design, even though I TRIED to walk away from my "blue trademark", but nothing else looked good - so I went back to the blue. I love the colour blue, so shoot me! Well, enough about this website and its design.

Nothing much has happened since my last post here. I'm just sitting here, writing pedigrees for NFFSCN, and counting the days until Christian will be here again - this time for good! The hours are passing with the speed of a snail, and every time I look at the watch, it shows the same as last time I looked. It horrible to wait, and I don't know how to get by........... June 27th, please come!

I love you, Christian!
With all my heart, and all my soul...

I've talked to some people about animals for sale, and though I've not decided anything yet, I think I'll be buying some more animals for my breeding herd soon. I've been talking this over with Christian, and he wants us to concentrate more on breeding chinchillas, and I can't start to explain how wonderful it is that we share this 'passion'. Actually it's wrong to use the term "I" and "Me", since Christian will be the other half of Silver Streak Chinchilla, from this July. We have a plan to increase our herd in the near future, and I've been looking for suitable breeding animals. I've talked to Galant's Chinchilla in Sarpsborg, and we'll be buying another 2 animals from her - Iglsø's Icosta (Denmark) and Embla's Nenna (Norway). These will be among our new breeders, when they are ready to be bred.

Posted by Shamini on June 4, 2003 – 11:59 PM

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