Chinchilla Exhibition, Spring 2003

Oh well, I think I forgot to write about everything else that's happened lately. I was in Fetsund last weekend, attending the annual chinchilla spring exhibition there. It sucked! Or, it was greating meeting my friends again and everything, and picking up all my new animals too - but the exhibition itself was terrible. My animals got lousy results, but I guess that was my own fault. Dragging them appr. 1800 kilometers, just to show them off - and in addition to that, I had combed them too much, so their fur was terrible... It was one good thing though, Tellus/Silver Streak's Emira won 1st place, and got a beautiful, big, red and golden prize - with 89 points (of 100). She's still just a "baby", 8 months and huge! Apart from that I collected 8 new chinchillas; Lundängen's Balzac, Kårby's Superstar, Kårby's Aquatic, Galant's Twist, Galant's Cæsar, Ozzy, Neptune, and Embla's Fibi. For more information about my sweet chinchillas, please visit: http://www.silverstreak.no/.

I want to send some large hugs (and a bucket of love) to my swedish friends;
Jon Kårby - thanks for always being there for me!
Linda Blomquist - you're the sweetest, but craziest girl in the world, without doubt.
Teres Tolfsson - it was great finally meeting you, hope we'll meet again!

Posted by Shamini on March 28, 2003 – 2:10 PM

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