…and one became two!

Things have happened since wednesday, and I'm not getting the cat from Sweden after all. I'm a little sad about that, because I really wanted that female, but the transport would cost me way more than I could afford.Well, I had been e-mailing with another breeder, living just north of here.
She breeds Maine Coon cats, and so I e-mailed her to hear whether or not she had any avaliable kittens for sale. She had just sold her last one, but she was very friendly and offered to check with some of the other breeders, to see if someone else had kittens for sale. A few days went, and I didn't hear anything from her... before she called me last night, telling me that a friend of her had called her and told her about two females that needed a new home. Both of them was Maine Coon! I became very interested indeed, and started asking her a lot of questions about these cats. It turns out that the older one (4) is the mother of the younger one (1), and that Evita is Brown Tabby and Dordi is Patched Tabby in colour. Evita is also a show cat, and actually a Champion!

Anyway, I made a decision - and these two wonderful cats are mine! Smile
I think I'll get them around the 18th of December, at least that's what I hope.

Posted by Shamini on December 7, 2002 – 11:41 PM

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