Maine Coon, getting a cat?

Now I'm really excited. I've been thinking about getting a cat, and so I've been researching the internet to decide which type to go for. I've seen a lot of really beautiful kinds, like: Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cat, Bengal, Siamese and a few others. Originally I was planning on getting a kitten from my sister, because they own such a lovely female. She's mixed, and her coat is wonderfully coloured with orange, black and white areas! She also has the most incredible personality I've ever seen, and I love her very much - even though she's not even my cat. Smile Well, nothing is decided yet.

I started e-mailing some Maine Coon breeders within Norway, but also in Sweden, and it didn't take long before I got my first e-mail from a very nice woman, offering me information about the Maine Coon, and help to either buy one or try to find one that needed a new home. (Keep in mind that these cats usually costs between 4000,- and 6000,- NOK) I thought that the price was a little high, but since I'm a breeder myself (Chinchillas, yes), I know that the animal is worth what the breeder asks for it. I knew that the price was high, because these cats usually are used for exhibitions and breeding, but I just wanted a pet cat, for cuddling only.The next thing that happened, was that I found this breeder, that has got a BEAUTIFUL female Maine Coon. She is to retire from the breeding, and she wants to sell her to someone who can offer her a permanent, and loving home. The price is good, and the female is so incredibly sweet. She's a Brown Tabby, and she's 2 years old. If I get to become her new owner, she will be neutered before I get her, and she will also be tested against different problems, like HD, HCM, PKD, FeLV/FIV and Chlamydia, and vaccinated.

I'll keep you updated.
If I get her, I'll put up some pictures of her too.

Posted by Shamini on December 4, 2002 – 6:19 PM

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