Chinchilla Exhibition, Fall 2002

Oh my, another week went by without any blogging at all. I've been planning the next Chinchilla exhibition all day today, and luckily things are going my way - finally. Smile I've booked our rooms, and got very nice prices too. Apart from this we're taking a few days extra, so it'll be like another holiday. Sounds nice, huh? I simply love it. I'm really looking forward to the exhibition though, seing all the Chinchilla people again, and of course, most important; to exhibit our own animals! Last time went rather well, but this exhibition is much larger in scale, and there'll be many more animals there. Maybe, just maybe, we'll win something - but the most important things is really the points. I hope to get over 80 points on most my animals, but I don't know yet. Had some more babies since last time too.

2 small Ebony (Heterozygous) boys were born on the 13th of August. Smile They weighed 51 grams, and 55 grams, and were actually quite big to be siblings. They didn't get their names straight away, but now we have decided to name them both after "The Lord of the Rings"; Balrog and Nazg├╗l. Cute names, huh? Smile

Posted by Shamini on August 19, 2002 – 2:42 PM

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