..even more birthday-surprise!

Now I haven't blogged for some days again, but this time I have a reason! I've been in Bodø, staying at Grand Hotel - and that was part of my birthday present from Håkon. I had a GREAT time. We went out to eat dinner, at the Indian restaurant "Great Ghandi" (which is my favorite in Bodø), we went to the movies 3 times, and saw "The Sum of All Fears", "The Sweetest Thing" (norwegian premiere), and "Men in Black II". The first one was actually pretty good, the second one was funny, but the last one was just boring. Now I'm just happy happy happy. Smile Thanks Håkon, for giving me the best birthday present ever - and the best time!

Posted by Shamini on August 11, 2002 – 6:55 PM

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