Happy birthday to me!

I decided to write a little here already. Usually I blog before I go to bed, but I'm having a great day, so what the hell! My birthday started with me getting out of bed at around 10 AM (early, for a change). I had forgot to take my pill yesterday, so I didn't have much choice, I had to get up before 11 AM. Anyway, I got up, and got dressed. When I got down I went to my computer to check my e-mail, and 1 birthday e-mail (from my mom) was awaiting me. Smile Then I went into the kitchen, as I didn't get around to make my birthday cake yesterday, and there - on the table, lay a small golden box. It was Håkon's birthday present for me, and it contained the most beautiful necklace, made from red and yellow gold. It's shaped as a long stemmed rose, with the red gold as the petals. Absolutely georgeous! After putting it on, he told me that he had booked a room on the best hotel in Bodø for us, for two nights.. And suddenly someone knocked on the door, it was a flower delivery, with 12 long stemmed, beautiful roses just for me - also from Håkon. Smile Isn't he just the sweetest boyfriend on earth? I LOVE YOU, HÅKON!

Posted by Shamini on August 7, 2002 – 1:53 PM

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