Making soaps with Lina

Today I've spent most of my day together with Lina, my niece. I've had a great day! We made some soaps, or at least she did - I was just watching her. Smile I made a small soap shaped like Piggy in Winnie the Pooh, colored him pink, and scented him with sweet vanilla. He turned out the cutest, even though I almost couldn't get him out of the tray. Lina had to help me, and after some swearing and thugging we finally got him out. Smile I gave him to Håkon, so now he's sitting in the shower.

Håkon went fishing with Roy (my sister's fiancée) and Simon (my nephew). I think they had a great time, they were gone for quite some hours anyway. They had caught some trouts, and were actually quite proud of themselves when they finally came back.Tomorrow's my birthday, and I was actually planning to make a birthday cake tonight. That didn't happen though, since we got home so late - but I'll make it tomorrow early instead. I'm sure Lina will come over too - I love that girl, she's just the cutest! Smile Ok, now I'm soon going to bed, just going to talk to some friends on the MSN first. Smile

Posted by Shamini on August 6, 2002 – 11:14 PM

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