Another headache, God damn!

Oh my, now I'm completely sick and tired of these damn headaches. I got up really late today, because I was twisting and turning in my bed, trying to shake this damn thing off - it didn't work. Apart from sleeping most of the day away, I had some pizza for breakfast (that sucked), and then I spent some time by my faithful Vampiress. I checked my mail (nothing much), and then I checked the snail-mail (nothing at all)... *sigh* Talk about boring! I didn't get any books in the mail, and no movies - maybe tomorrow?

Actually I feel like I'm blogging a lot of shit here, but now you can see that my life is rather boring at this time. I really shouldn't complain, for enough things has happened over the past month, but you know what I mean, don't you? Anyway, my point was that I don't have anything to blog about today.

Posted by Shamini on August 5, 2002 – 8:26 PM

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