Getting on top of things

Damn, I totally forgot to blog yesterday and the day before that. Am I excused if I blame it on having too many thoughts? Today it's saturday, another boring day with too much on my mind. I'm in pain, both mentally and physically, but I think I'm starting to see the sun out there, somewhere. The past days has gone by with a lot of talking and thinking, and it's really good to be able to talk about the difficulties - no matter what kind of difficulties that may be. Last night we saw "The Mexican". I liked it. I think Brad Pitt had the perfect role, as somewhat of a moron, and no one could have played it better than him. It was a cute story too, and some parts of it made me laugh. It felt good to be able to laugh again.

Now I'm really looking forward until I get the movies I've ordered - then I can just sit in front of the TV, and watch them. I've ordered "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring", "From Hell", "Resident Evil" and "Frank Herbert's Dune". In addition to that, I've ordered some new books, to make myself occupied with something in the time to come.Hmm, things has actually take somewhat of a turn today.

I've been talking to the source of my misery, and I feel a lot better. I've gotten new things to think about, and I think I'm able to put it all behind me. May sound weird, but something happened inside of me tonight, and I feel good - for the first time in a while. Things are still spinning in my head, but a lot of the fog has lifted, and I'm ready to look ahead again. Smile Don't get me wrong, I'm still hurt and I still feel used.. but I really think the sun is coming out, and it might just decide to shine on me.

Posted by Shamini on August 3, 2002 – 9:35 PM

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