Restoration of the house

I feel better today, and it's nice.I've ordered some items from Kreativ S├ąpe too. I'm going to try to do some handcrafting again, even though I really don't feel like it. I don't know why, I used to love making things, but not anymore. I think I'm simply growing lazy, but I hope it'll go away, so that my inspiration will return to me. I wish other people than my mom would order some soaps from my webshop though, would have been nice.They've started working on the front of the house now.

It's really exiting to see the newest and ugliest part of the house being demolished! I'm really looking forward until the rebuilding starts, because it'll do so much for the house. It'll look so beautiful! It's a lot of noice though, they're working straight outside of my window, and I can hear them pulling nails out of the walls. Not a very plesant sound. Around August 10th, the new frontdoor will arrive too, and that's even more exiting! It's a really old-fashioned style frontdoor, with double doors, and painted white with brass decorations. (Picture will be posted, I'm sure.)Now I'm going to do some more work, have some Chinchilla pedigrees to write, and some more updating to do on this website.

Posted by Shamini on July 31, 2002 – 6:51 PM

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