Deception of the worst kind

I really don't know what to write here. I'm in a lot of psychological pain, and a whole lot of things are happening in my life now. I'm not sure that all of them are good-natured, and I've lost a close friend of mine, due to deception. Don't think I want to tell the whole story here, but one whom I considered a dear and close friend, tried to ruin my life, and destroy everything that I cherish. I will not say it was on purpose, but Maria knew exactly what she was doing, and for that I cannot forgive - not now. I need time to think, and even though I feel like I can't hate, I'm hurt - and I feel deceived. I really need someone to talk to, but I feel like I have to keep all of this to myself. It's hard, and straining, and I don't know what to do. I just can't believe that someone that I thought loved me, and whom I loved back, could hurt me so badly! I could never dream of doing anything of the same nature to ANYONE, especially not to someone dear to me.. I'm all confused.

My sister has started working as my personal assistent again, and it feels great to have her back. I visited them today, and I got to cuddle with their new cat. She's such a sweetheart! I also had a great time with Lina, my niece, making soaps and having fun today.Don't feel like blogging anymore tonight. Oh, and we got 4 new Chinchillababies in our stock, born on July 1st, and July 25th. Pictures can be seen at: http://www.silverstreak.no/.

Posted by Shamini on July 30, 2002 – 10:26 PM

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