Man, today it's Wednesday, and we're leaving on Friday! I've packed some of my things, like clothing, and I've done some small things like pay my bills, and transferring my pocketmoney into the correct account. Money wouldn't do no good, if they're on the wrong account now, would they? Have to have them in the account with the Visacard. Also, we've moved the Chinchillas into another room, so that my dad may finish our hallway until we're back! I'm really excited about that, beacuse it'll finally look more like a hallway, and less like a construction site. It'll be nice, and painted in a warm shade of yellow too. I might just post some pictures whenever we're back, so you can see for yourself. Please, make me remember to pack everything!

Posted by Shamini on June 25, 2002 – 9:07 PM

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