Okay, now I'm just sitting here. My hips and butt hurts like hell, because of my new wheelchair, and I absolutely hate it! Oh well, there's nothing wrong with the actual wheelchair, it's only that it's new, and needs some adjustments - or at least my butt does. I'm sure I'm going to go insane sooner than you'll know, I can feel it snap. *grinding my teeth*

Enough complaining. I saw doctor today too, to get a sheet of paper with mere facts on them. The airline told me I needed a paper that stated the fact that I'm in a wheelchair, and that I have to sit like I normally do. It should also say that I needed help to get into the plane, and off again - so that's now been taken care of too. Tomorrow I'm going to start packing - oh, the excitement! Hilde (Lellen) told me to eat some "Macaroni & Cheese" for her, the original from Craft Foods, but I'm not sure I'm up to that. I've tasted one type before, and it almost made me throw up, but I'll see what I can do for Hilde. Smile Have to go now - time to cuddle the animals.

Posted by Shamini on June 25, 2002 – 7:09 PM

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