US in 4 days!

Today it's the 24th, and it's only 4 more days until we leave for the US! Smile I'm so incredibly excited, that I hardly know which foot to stand on.. I've even gotten an e-mail from my beloved cousin Steve, where he told me that he's been stocking up his refridgerator with Snapple, all for me! Oh my, I can hardly wait. I've promised myself to drink as much Snapple as I possibly can, while I'm there, and have a neverending supply. The goal is to get so SICK, I'd never want to see Snapple again - until next time we're over there.

Oh - and Maria; I LOVE YOU! Wink
Thank you so very much for saving my butt, litterally.
I owe my life to you, forever!

Posted by Shamini on June 24, 2002 – 9:27 PM

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